Former state legislator's anti-immigrant blast

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Former Florida legislator Susan Goldstein (R-Weston) posted the above list over the weekend, starting a bit of a Facebook firestorm.

Numerous commenters on the post noted that almost every bit of the information on the list Goldstein posted was (obviously) inaccurate. Here's a link to the extensive debunking done by and the exact same list had received a "Pants on Fire" rating for falseness from

Yesterday Goldstein responded to the dozens of comments.

"Goodness! I just saw the mixed response to this post," she wrote. "FYI it came from the US Open Border site that posts information on arrests, crimes and incidents involving illegal aliens either trying to enter the US or those already here. It appears they gathered much of their data from the State of California. And no, I did not verify any of it because depending on which ‘fact checking' site you visit, the political spin is there, believe it or not. Whether the numbers are accurate or inflated, the fact is, this is occurring and our tax dollars are paying for it ...".