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UPDATE: The vast majority of the votes are counted, all 77 of them. Seriously, voter turnout was abysmal (see video above). But some races are easy to call now:

Katie Edwards over Louis Reinstein in Dem primary for State House District 98.

Clerk of Court Howard Forman rolled over Robert R. Lockwood.

Tim Ryan won't be beat for Broward County Commission District 7, with Keechl looking to best Charlotte Rodstrom for second place.

Rothschild has upped his lead over Shapiro-Harris, but at 51-49 still too close to call.

Dale Ross wins Circuit judgeship.

Say hello to Broward County Judge Kathleen "Katie" McHugh, who won't be beaten by Ilene Lieberman.

Broward School Board Member Katie Leach cruises to victory for her first electoral win.

Donna Korn and Franklin Sands are locked in a battle for School Board Seat 8, with Korn holding a slight advantage.

EARLIER: Early voting results are in and while they aren't definitive (roughly 50,000 votes, expected to be half the total), they are interesting and perhaps telling.

In that Broward State Attorney's race, Michael Satz has a comfortable lead over challenger Chris Mancini, 63 to 37 percent. 

In the Democratic primary for sheriff, Scott Israel has a 68-32 cushion on Louie Granteed.

Lois Frankel has a 52-48 advantage over Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs in the 22nd District Congressional race. That's only Broward County (Palm Beach is also counting) and that's very bad news for Jacobs because Frankel is so-far trouncing Jacobs in PBC 68-32.

In the District 7 Broward County Commission race, it's a bit of surprise with Tim Ryan ahead with 39 percent, Charlotte Rodstrom with a tiny 26-vote lead over Ken Keechl for second place.

For County Court Judge Kathleen McHugh has a solid 55-45 lead on Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman in one of the most closely watched races of the night. That bodes very well for McHugh. 

One of the tightest races has Michael Ian Rothschild ahead of Julie Shapiro-Harris (aka the wife of controversial Democratic operative Barry Harris) by just 142 votes with 49,702 early votes counted.

I'll be updating soon -- to keep an eye on the election results as they come in, click here.