Gloria Allred takes up cause of fired cheer coach

By Bob Norman - Investigative Reporter
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Fired Broward cheerleading coach Melissa Prochilo was on the Dr. Drew show last night pleading her case -- and she wasn't alone.

In the studio was high-profile attorney Gloria Allred to help Prochilo make her case to get her job back after a handful of disgruntled cheer moms convinced the school board and Supt. Robert Runcie to fire her despite the fact that she was cleared of all wrongdoing. 

"She's been the subject of two intense investigations and she's been absolutely vindicated, cleared, it was found unfounded," said Allred. "Therefore why wouldn't she have her job back? ... This is the coach, we need to support her."

The host of the show, Drew Pinsky, seemed baffled by the case.

"I feel like there's funny business somewhere," he said.

The show tried to contact Supt. Robert Runcie yesterday but didn't hear back  from his office. Runcie changed his recommendation to keep Prochilo coaching at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High after School Board Katie Leach and other board members took the side of the disgruntled moms despite the support of hundreds of parents and cheerleaders at the school.

"I'm not surprised the school district really hasn't gotten back to you," Allred told Pinsky. "What are they going to say,'We don't have a reason for what we did.'"

Connie Dieb, a former cheer coach on the reality show Big Rich Texas, 

"I would never coach today because the parents are absolutely crazy," said Dieb. "... These are bully cheer moms and they will stop at nothing. They are just out for her." 

Prochilo is trying to get her job back and has said she is considering a lawsuit. It's not clear if Allred will be involved in that pursuit. 

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