Hollywood cop caught after trying to get pot from fellow detective

A Hollywood police detective is under criminal investigation after allegedly asking a vice detective if he could get him some marijuana for his girlfriend.

Det. Nick Singley, a 20-year veteran, was sent an intent-to-terminate  letter from the chief on Thursday after his fellow officers instead conducted a sting investigation on him in the parking lot of the police station. The case is now under criminal investigation by the State Attorney's Office, according to police.

According to an investigative report included in the letter from Police Chief Chad Wagner, Singley contacted Det. Sergio Lopez, who works in the vice, intelligence, and narcotics unit on May 31. 

Singley told Lopez that he trusted him and that he wanted a small bag of marijuana for his girlfriend who he said was "hooked" and liked to get high, according to the report.

"Detective Singley advises Detective Lopez that if he unable to get the 'stuff' for him, he would have to go out and get it himself," investigators wrote in the report.

Lopez immediately contacted higher-ups and a sting was set up on the morning of June 5 in the police department parking lot. 

Singley was on duty on the third floor of the building when he received a call from Lopez to meet him in a patrol car in the parking lot. 

Carrying a black gym bag, Singley got in the car. There Lopez reached in the back seat and pulled a Dentyne Ice gum container from a hollowed-out car battery in the back seat. In the gum container was ten grams of pot in a Ziploc baggie. From the report: 

"Upon seeing the cannibis removed from the gun container, Detective Singley responds, 'Yea ... oh man. Oh you're the man ... you're the best.'"

Singley, who earlier this year was divorced by a fellow officer, put the pot in his gym bag and reiterated that it was for his girlfriend.

Then he stared directly at the police surveillance van that was recording the meeting, according to the report, and changed his mind: "Detective Singley removes the ... cannabis and advises Detective Lopez that 'No girl is worth our f--kin' shit."

After throwing it on the center console of the police car, Singley told Lopez to "just throw it out," exited the car, and walked away, according to the report.

Chief Wagner determined that Singley had broken Florida solicitation and marijuana laws and several departmental policies, including conduct unbecoming. Singley can now choose to accept the chief's decision to terminate him or challenge it through a union process.

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