Local 10 parents hit by school bus debacle

It's not every day that a news story has a direct impact on those of us at Local 10, but we do live in the community -- and the Broward school bus debacle is so big and affecting so many people that some of my colleagues have been caught up in it too.

There's been no bus to pick up editor Errol Creary's 13-year-old son in the morning yet, three days into the school year. And news photographer Judy Reich's daughter didn't have a bus for the morning or the afternoon on the first day and has seen several problems since.

When Creary called the district yesterday it took him nearly the entire day to get through to a human being and when he did she told him that all she could do was pass along his concern and that he would hope for the best. She also told him that the phones are ringing off the hook with parents. This morning he didn't know if there would be a bus for his son or not.

I'm still hearing from other parents in emails and comments. They can't get a bus, they can't get through to anyone at the district, and when they do they're told basically that they are on their own. I got this message from parent Colleen Connery last night: "Got through to the transportation department. They told me they could not say bus 4122 will show up in the morning. FIRE Chester Tindall NOW!!!"

Tindall, of course, is Supt. Robert Runcie's hand-picked transportation chief that he brought down from Chicago to make the bus system more "efficient." And Runcie has insisted the department is more efficient today despite this unprecedented bus crisis. See the video for more.