More school bus madness

By Bob Norman - Investigative Reporter

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - I did a piece yesterday about obvious mismanagement at the Broward County School Board, a lack of accountability at the highest levels of the relatively new administration,  and some Chicago-borne cronyism that may be exacerbating the mess. You can watch it above.

There are serious issues in play here, but the superintendent and his transportation director are pushing it into the bizarre. First Supt. Robert Runcie claimed Wednesday that the school bus debacle that has affected thousands of parents and children was caused by "sabotage" from employees. He had few if any facts to back that up and the next day he was slammed by bus drivers and school board members for failure to take responsibility as a leader.

Now his transportation director Chester Tindall -- who has refused to speak on camera and has been absent at press conferences and board meetings on the matter  -- is suddenly claiming in the Sun-Sentinel that he's afraid for his safety and has moved his family out of the state.

Do Runcie and Tindall realize that it's not about them? It's about kids and their parents trying to get them to school when the bus routing system has fallen into disarray. They are both trying to deflect blame for the problems they clearly have caused with their overhaul of the department. The only word that comes to mind is disgrace at this point.

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