Ranches goes after Pines in court

One thing for sure about the lawsuit filed by the Town of Southwest Ranches against the City of Pembroke Pines: taxpayers are going to lose. 

If the Ranches wins the $2 million-plus it is seeking, Pines taxpayers will foot the bill. If the Ranches loses, only the lawyers make out on the public dime.

The lawsuit concerns the controversial federal ICE immigration detention center planned for the Ranches that was killed earlier this year. The Ranches, behind Town Attorney Keith Poliakoff and his Becker & Poliakoff firm, allege in the suit that the Pines wrongfully terminated two agreements with the town that helped kill the prison deal and the revenue it would have created.

The first is an interlocal agreement signed in 2005. The irony of that allegation is that it was the Ranches that voted to kill the deal first.

The other is a fire agreement that gave the Pines an opt-out for any reason with nine months notice.

"I would love for the Town of Southwest Ranches to stop suing everybody," said Pembroke Pines City Commissioner Jay Schwartz. "... They're blaming the City of Pembroke Pines for losing a deal and that's not the case."  

This is just a continuation of the feud between the town and city. When the Pines terminated the interlocal agreement, the Ranches barricaded roads around a Pines neighborhood to block them from the town's roads.

How's that for neighborly? Just watch the video to see just how much some Ranches residents hate (I don't think that's too strong a word) the Pines.

The whole thing is irrational and just a little bit pathetic. Where are the adults out there?