Report: Deputies were pursuing suspect when bicyclists were killed

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The Broward Sheriff's Office has been mum on whether deputies were pursuing a car burglary suspect through a Pembroke Pines neighborhood when the suspect's vehicle struck and killed two bicyclists.
But the suspect, Obrian Oakley, told deputies he was being chased at speeds over 100 mph and hit the bicyclists -- Christopher McConnell, 61, and Dean Amelkin, 60 -- after he looked back at the deputies, according to his arrest report.
"Oakley stated he was driving in excess of 110 miles per hour," investigators wrote. "Oakley stated that he saw two or three police cars behind him that had their lights and sirens activated. Oakley stated he was very scared and as he looked back at the police vehicles, he struck a red car that cause him to spin out of control."
Local 10's Terrell Forney reported the news at noon and reporter John Turchin is following the story today.
Questions: Should deputies have pursued the suspect -- who had been breaking into cars -- at such a high rate of speed in a residential neighborhood? Answers to come.

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