Report: School board employee busted Jennifer Gottlieb

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Dino DeCesare

In the scandal involving former Broward School Board Member Jennifer Gottlieb, it just gets worse.

Below you can read a second FDLE report on Gottlieb and the Citigroup bankers she allegedly had affairs with while they handled millions in school board bonds. It's a summary of a sworn interview taken with Richard Patterson, the managing director for Citigroup in Tampa, who testified that he had an affair with Gottlieb in 2007.

It spells out how Gottlieb sent Patterson information from the district that she withheld from Citi competitors and how the banker bought her meals during trysts at hotels like The Westin Diplomat in Hollywood.

The report also reveals that when news of Gottlieb's relationship with Patterson first leaked out in 2010, Citigroup took Patterson off the Broward School Board account because of the apparent conflict. The kicker: Citigroup put Michael Baldwin in charge of the account, apparently not knowing that Baldwin was having an active affair with Gottlieb at the time.

Patterson also testified that the married Gottlieb told him that a "former boyfriend" -- a school board employee named Dino DeCesare -- was responsible for leaking incriminating emails to her husband and since-imprisoned School Board Member Beverly Gallagher. By day, the musclebound DeCesare (pictured above) is a producer and videographer for the school board's TV station. By night, he's a club promoter and all-around party guy.

According to Patterson, Gottlieb suspected that DeCesare used a school board video camera to zoom in on her at her computer to get her password (the emails were sent from Gottlieb's own AOL account).

If true, it's another affair that violates the public trust. Gottlieb wasn't elected to carry on with school board employees -- and the relationship could have led to lawsuits on the taxpayers' dime. Here's the thing: If Gottlieb would have had these extramarital relationships with men outside of the public arena, nobody would have cared (or at least it wouldn't have been newsworthy). But that's not what happened -- and that's why it became a big part of the statewide grand jury investigation.

Here's the Patterson report:

On January 10, 2011, Richard W. Patterson was interviewed at the Office of the Statewide Prosecution in Broward County, Florida. Present during the interview were SA Rawson, SA Futch, Chief SWP Julie Hogan and Mr. Patterson. Patterson was represented by attorneys John Hogan, Daniel Fridman and Michael Hantman. Patterson was placed under oath and sworn in for the interview at approximately 9:40 a.m. During the course of the interview, Patterson stated that following;

Patterson stated that he is currently the Managing Director for Citigroup in Tampa. Patterson has been employed with Citigroup since 1996. Patterson stated he covers the Southeast region and deals with bond transactions, marketing, processing transactions for state and local government and has signing authority. Patterson is not registered to lobby in the State of Florida. Patterson deals with the following school boards; Broward County, Palm Beach County, Hillsborough County, Polk County, Pasco County, Volusia County and Orange County.