School board whistleblower hit with pink slip

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Michael Marchetti has been fighting waste and corruption at the Broward County School Board for 14 years and helped save taxpayers millions of dollars in the process.

A maintenance supervisor, Marchetti has caught cheating contractors in the act and exposed unnecessary building projects, including a recent unnecessary and troubled maintenance building project that was killed before $5 million went out the window. His work helped guide the statewide grand jury and the FBI recently gave him a civilian award for his extraordinary public service.

So how does the school board reward him? On Monday, they hit Marchetti with the layoff notice pictured above.

The board is involved in another round of layoffs and Marchetti is on the chopping block. It's not the first time he's been hit with a layoff notice and other acts of what he deems retaliation during his tenure at the district. He's got an active whistleblower's lawsuit going against the board right now.

And it doesn't mean Marchetti is actually going to lose his job. The layoff notice kicks off a "veterans preference" process wherein Marchetti can find a position in his "job family" held by an employee with less seniority and bump that person into the layoff line. Some family, huh?

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