(Scott) Israel PAC goes on the offensive

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Granteed and Israel.

Get ready for the assault on your phones and mailboxes: It's the weekend before the primary vote. That's when shady and secretive political committees start their attacks.

Backers of Broward sheriff's candidate Scott Israel are now hitting Broward homes with robocalls bashing his opponent, Hollywood Assistant Police Chief Louie Granteed.

One call, apparently paid for by a political committee called Citizens for Integrity in Government, Inc., hammer Granteed for previous sexual harassment allegations, his ties to criminally convicted police officers from his department, and an endorsement the Democrat received from the Tea Party. The call is in the voice of a female who says Granteed is a bad choice for women.

In another, a male voice praises Israel and takes a stab at Sheriff Al Lamberti for using "Scott Rothstein's dirty money" to defeat him in 2008.

"It's all lies, there's no validity to it at all," Granteed said about the calls this morning.

The truth is that Granteed was a key figure and one-time defendant in a sexual harassment claim made a former female police officer in the early 1990s that led to a six-figure settlement against the city. And the truth is that convicted Hollywood cop Kevin Companion told an undercover FBI agent that if he got in trouble Granteed would bail him out of it. How significant those incidents really are ... well that's up to voters.

Granteed also said he knows nothing about any Tea Party endorsement. I couldn't find anything to confirm that one. True or not these calls tend to irritate people and may boomerang against Israel. Honestly, though, I'm not sure any of it matters. Barring a major -- and I mean major -- scandal, I think Lamberti wins in November against either guy.

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