Senator Jeremy Ring's mansion goes to market

By Bob Norman - Investigative Reporter

PARKLAND, Fla. - It looks like an estate on the English countryside, but it's State Sen. Jeremy Ring's former home in Parkland and it's on the market for a mere $3 million.

Ring made his fortune with Yahoo! and the 10,640 square-foot home, which he had custom-built, comes with 2.5 acres of land, a lighted tennis court, a home theater, and a "fairytale designed bathroom," according to the promotional material

The senator is selling the house while in the midst of a divorce from his wife, Sharon, after he took up with former Broward School Board Member Jennifer Gottlieb, who is also getting divorced from her husband, Broward County Judge Ken Gottlieb. The Sun-Sentinel snapped the first public photo of the couple last week during Ring's swearing-in in Tallahassee. Ring, who has three children, told the newspaper that he and Gottlieb were "very important in each other's lives."

Gottlieb, you may remember, resigned from the board last year after a scathing grand jury report singled her out for pushing an unneeded brand new $25 million school in her district that her two sons now attend. The grand jury investigation also found that she had affairs with two school board bankers who at times counted on her vote. 

Ring and Gottlieb were heavily rumored to have started their relationship prior to her resignation last October. They appeared publicly together in April at a groundbreaking for the Chabad of Parkland. At that event Ring said that when he went through heart surgery there were two people at his side -- his rabbi and Gottlieb.

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