Sheriff Al Lamberti's push into the Pines

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Above is a flyer for Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti's "special town hall meeting" at the Century Village senior residential community, a key voting bloc in Pembroke Pines. 

Here's the funny part: Pembroke Pines has its own police force. It's not a BSO town.

So why did Lamberti bring his charm offensive Fto a place that's largely outside his jurisdiction on Friday morning? Well it was about senior crime, identity theft, etc. But this is an election year and Century Village is one of the most vote-rich areas in the county.

Question: Should taxpayers be financing these jaunts? If you drive near Pines Boulevard and University Drive, you'll notice a large sign on the road advertising a Lamberti event at the Western Beef restaurant set for next week, July 10. 

This one isn't a "town hall meeting," it's a "Coffee with the Sheriff." Again, it's outside of BSO's patrol area, and again, these coffees are financed by taxpayers, not the campaign.

The sheriff has every right to conduct what's called "outreach" in Broward County. But one man's outreach is another man's campaigning -- and Lamberti is getting close to that line if he hasn't crossed it.

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