Shop owner dogged alleged drug kingpin for two years

By Bob Norman - Investigative Reporter

When a neighboring business owner gave him a packet of "Mr. Nice Guy,"
 Jack Cesare went home and tried it.

"It made me deathly ill," he said.

That was back in 2010 and Cesare says he set out then to rid South Florida of the man who gave it to him, Dylan Harrison. It was Harrison who made "Mr. Nice Guy" -- a chemically sprayed synthetic drug sold at gas stations and convenience marts across the country as incense.

Cesare says his efforts were in vain for two years. Then last week the Drug Enforcement Administration conducted a nationwide crackdown that included raids on Harrison's home and the warehouses where he made Mr. Nice Guy. The feds said Harrison is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of synthetic pot, or "spice," that authorities say makes people sick and can manifest psychotic reactions.

Harrison also owned a bar in Lake Worth, Kavasutra, that sells kava, a natural extract that acts as a sedative. Cesare's hair salon is a few doors down. A news photographer and I went to Lake Worth to look into it -- and the results are in the video above. 

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