"Spice" suspect said TV told him his friend was going to "eat him"

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When 24-year-old Levan Allman attacked his sleeping friend with a meat cleaver, he seemed as surprised by the bloody assault as anyone.

When his friend woke up and asked him why he was doing it, police reported that Allman "realized he did something wrong, went back inside the house and called 911." 

When police arrived they learned that Allman had been smoking Cloud 9 -- a brand of over-the-counter synthetic marijuana -- prior to what investigators report was a completely unprovoked attack on Saturday evening at his grandmother's home in Sunrise.

The victim, Divia Bell, suffered deep lacerations to her head, arms, and hands and was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Allman, who had no arrests for violence in the past, remains in jail on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

UPDATED: According to a just-released police report, there were large amounts of blood at the scene. Allman was sitting down with blood on his hands and clothing. "As Levan stood up, he spontaneously uttered 'I've been smoking spice,' and smiled at me," reported the officer. Allman submitted to a taped statement in which he "stated that the TV was telling him that Divia was going to eat him, so he grabbed a meat cleaver out of the kitchen and attacked her while she was asleep in a chair out back."

Allman's tearful grandmother, Viola Dowlasing, said Allman had been living with her for eight years and the attack came out of nowhere.

Just last month, Sunrise became the first city in Broward to ban fake pot like Cloud 9, a chemical substance billed as "aromic therapy." Allman told police he purchased it in nearby Lauderhill, which instituted a ban on the substances only a few weeks ago, according to Lauderhill Mayor Richard Kaplan. Just last night, Dania Beach voted to ban synthetic pot and its more notorious cousin, "bath salts."

Broward County and numerous other cities are taking steps to ban the substances, which is commonly known as "Spice," and has been alleged to trigger psychotic responses in some people and have serious physical and mental side effects on others. 

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