The Broward Sheriff's race is on

By Bob Norman - Investigative Reporter
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Just when it looked like candidate Scott Israel's campaign was just about finished, there may be hope on the horizon for Sheriff Al Lamberti's challenger. 

A man behind a well-heeled PAC has agreed to infuse big money to Israel's side, sources close to the campaign say. The Israel campaign is being coy about it, but the money is expected to be spent on a television ad blitz aimed at Lamberti over the next two weeks before the election. The potential donor remains a mystery at this point. 

Help couldn't came at a more crucial time for Israel. He spent almost all the modest cash he raised on a bruising primary against Louie Granteed and his campaign is all but broke going into the final stretch.

Don't expect these ads, if they air, to be uplifting. This won't be mudslinging -- it's going to be more like dirt clod flinging, you know, the hard kind that can leave a mark. Israel's last mailer slammed Lamberti for his relationship with Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein and included the mug shot of a former aide. 

Lamberti certainly hasn't set a lofty tone -- an ECO supporting the sheriff now has TV ads airing that put Israel's face in a wanted poster, based on internal affairs allegations made while Israel was a Fort Lauderdale cop. And there's plenty more where that came from; campaign records indicate the sheriff has more than a hundred thousand dollars to spend during these last couple of critical weeks before Election Day and sources say he has also raised a solid chunk of PAC money recently. So get ready to hear a whole lot of bad things about both men who want to be the top law enforcement officer in Broward the next four years.

Side note: The sheriff was AWOL for a debate with Israel on This Week in South Florida with Michael Putney. Israel immediately took to Twitter to call Lamberti "cowardly" for not showing up to face him in the studio.

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