The "Walking Dead" in Miami

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Just after a post on the weirdness of South Florida, a naked guy goes off and eats another naked guy's face before a police officer shoots him on the MacArthur Causeway. 

The attacker is dead and the victim is reportedly unrecognizable after having most of his face chewed off. The key witness, Larry Vega, told Local 10 the closest thing to compare what he saw was scenes from The Walking Dead. The aftermath is shown above in a screen capture of surveillance video taken from the nearby Miami Herald building.    

Vega wrote this about what he saw Saturday afternoon during a bike ride: 

I was a witness to this police shooting. I stopped a city of Miami Police officer and informed him that a homeless man was killing another person by biting and ripping his face to death. The police officer confronted the aggressor and he was like a rabid dog and confronted the officer. then the officer shot the person 4 times. This was an incredible horrific experience and will think about moving my family out of Miami. I lived my whole life in New York and never experienced something this crazy. It was something out of walking dead one person eating another person piece by piece.

Here's how other press are describing the event. 

-- From Radar Online: "It was sight more gruesome than any featured in Silence of the Lambs. ... Armando Aguilar, who heads the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police ... said the officer saw what the man was doing, and ordered him to stop. He said the man growled at the officer, and then returned to his meal."

(Just to be clear, Vega also reported that the man growled.) 

-- From Hollywood Gossip: "Zombie Apocalypse in Miami: Naked Man Killed By Police After Eating Face of Victim ... In a scarily real-life scene that conjured up images of a zombie apocalypse, a man was shot and killed in Miami after attempting to eat the face off another."

-- From the Drudge Report: "Cannibalism comes to South Beach." 

-- From "We can dispense with the Ohio or Florida game. This kind of crazy only happens in Florida."

More coming. 

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