Troubled Hollywood cop tied to old hiring scandal

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It may have been only a matter of time before a Hollywood cop caught trying to get pot from one of his own department's vice detectives got in trouble. 

Before he was hired in 1992, Hollywood Det. Nick Singley -- who has been targeted for termination by the police chief after a sting in his own department's parking lot -- was singled out as a bad hire.

Singley was named in the Hollywood department's hiring scandal in whch dozens of officers were accepted by the department despite red flags including apparent psychological problems, according to a New Times investigation published in 2005. 

From that report:

On May 10, 1998, Mother's Day, Hollywood police stormed into the backyard at 1847 Buchanan St. According to a lawsuit filed by 35-year-old Denise Rose, Officer Nick Singley indiscriminately pepper-sprayed the crowd and ordered Officer William Price to throw Rose to the ground. Singley and Price then repeatedly kicked Rose while she was on the ground, the lawsuit claimed. "Jew bitch!" one of the officers allegedly yelled. Rose suffered broken ribs, torn ligaments, and bruises. The city later settled her lawsuit for $35,000, plus $55,752 in legal fees. Singley, who was a neighbor of Rode's, was hired despite a juvenile charge for shoplifting and six traffic citations, according to Hansen's report. Additionally, a psychologist who interviewed him wrote: "Applicant appeared to be immature and lacked insight into his own behavior... It is likely the applicant would be a problematic employee if hired." Singley's lie-detector test revealed "pronounced physiological reactions indicative of deception" regarding a question related to illegal drugs.

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