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I did a double-take when I clicked on Florida Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on CNN tonight.

Before posting I did a quick search and found out this is her second new look for Wasserman-Schultz in the past four months.

-- On a more serious note, a grand jury at the behest of the State Attorney's Office has charged the two alleged car burglars connected to the deaths of two bicyclists in Cooper City with first degree murder. My question: Is this a serious case of over-charging? Throw the book at these two, but first degree murder? The evidence indicates the man charged with striking the bicyclists, Obrian Oakley, was being chased by the BSO at high speeds (over 100 mph) through a residential area. In fact Oakley said he was looking back at the patrol cars when he struck a vehicle and ultimately hit the bicyclists. BSO has steadfastly refused to comment on whether or not there was a pursuit. If it is true there was a pursuit, then deputies were violating pursuit policy and could bear part of the blame for a tragedy that never should have happened. And the other unarmed car burglar? He was in police custody when the accident occurred.

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