Boy helps rescue kitten trapped in pole

"Survivor" being treated at Broward County Humane Society

WEST PARK, Fla. - An eighth-grader is being called a hero Saturday after he helped rescue a newborn kitten that got trapped inside a narrow pole.

Jeremiah Denis and his family were watching through a window as a mother cat gave birth to several kittens in their backyard near 3101 SW 37th Terr. in West Park. One kitten got away and maneuvered himself into a six-foot, narrow pole lying in their backyard.

Jeremiah said he tried to save the kitten out, and put a sock on the end of a stick to try and nudge him out.  He said he wanted to give the kitten a little bit of water, but didn't want to drown him.

Scared he might hurt the kitten, the family called the Humane Society. Fire crews showed up and cut the pole and rescued the kitten.

The Denis family wanted to keep the kitten, who they named "Survivor," but rescue workers said he was too young and needed more time with his mother.

Jeremiah said the reason he helped rescue the kitten was simple.

"Because I love animals."


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