Boys thankful to be alive after fireworks accident in Pompano Beach

By Samantha Bryant - Reporter

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - Three boys are back home after they were injured in a fireworks accident.

"My thumb is like (in) half, and all of these burns, and there's burns on my stomach," Jeremy, 11, told Local 10 News.

Jeremy, who loves science, will be starting classes next month without two fingers.

Authorities said Jeremy, and his 9-year-old and 8-year-old cousins were seriously injured July 9 after they picked up an onion bomb and it exploded.

"We lit it and then it exploded," Jeremy said.

The children were playing at a park off Northwest 27th Avenue in Pompano Beach when the incident happened.

"Marvin found the firecracker, I mean the lighter, and we lit it, and before we could throw it, it just blew up," Robert, 9, said.

Marvin, the youngest of the three, said he was holding the firework and tried to light it.

"I didn't know whose it was," he said.

Marvin now has burns to his face and he lost his entire right hand.

Robert, his brother, also has burns and scars.

But all three boys are happy to be alive and are giving some hard-earned advice to others children.

"Don't pick it up. Just leave it there," Jeremy said. "The only time you should have a firework is with parents."

Robert and Marvin's mother said she warned them of the danger of fireworks, but still sees this as a lesson learned.

"To prepare my kids for the Fourth of July, my uncle showed them clips of men who got their hands blown off," she said. "They could've been dead. It could've blown off their heads."

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