'Brian Hooks And Thomas Daugherty Are Murderers,' Prosecutor Says

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Jury deliberations will continue Friday in the trial of two Broward men accused of beating a homeless man to death with a baseball bat when they were teenagers.

About an hour after deliberations began Thursday morning, jurors asked the judge if they could see a key piece of evidence once again -- video from a surveillance camera showing Thomas Daugherty and Brian Hooks beating a homeless man, Jacques Pierre, with baseball bats.

They specifically asked to the see the beginning of the tape again where Hooks can be seen taking one swing at the victim and running away. Daugherty then continued to hit the homeless man seven more times.

"Brian Hooks and Thomas Daugherty, based upon the evidence you heard, are murderers," said prosecutor Brian Cavanaugh.

The prosecution ended six days of testimony in dramatic fashion Wednesday, appealing to jurors to convict Hooks and Daugherty of first-degree murder and attempted murder. Prosecutors said Hooks and Daugherty were out to kill in January 2006 when three homeless men were beaten in separate incidents. One of the victims, 45-year-old Norris Gaynor, was beaten to death.

"Not one single witness at any point in time said anybody expressed a desire to kill," said Hooks' attorney, Jeremy Krull.

Defense attorneys said there was nothing premeditated about Gaynor's death and urged jurors to convict their clients of lesser charges. They believe Daugherty and Hooks are being railroaded by the two other teens who were with them the night the beatings took place -- Joey Griffith, who wasn't charged in the case, and Billy Ammons, who agreed to testify against his friends in exchange for a lighter sentence.

"You've got Joey and Billy from the witness stand. One person a liar, weed dealer and convicted thief. I'm telling you, I would not let him park my car," said Michael Gottlieb, Daugherty's attorney.

Deliberations are scheduled to continue on Friday morning.

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