Broward County's Canvassing Board certifies election results

Broward Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes vows to inspect operation

LAUDERHILL, Fla. - 10 days after the election, Broward County's Canvassing Board has certified the final tally of votes.

The road to this point was rough. The woman at the helm, Broward Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes, vowed to inspect her operation and make necessary improvements.

"Elections are big engines and you have to look carefully at all parts, and make sure that all the parts are moving together," Snipes said.

Polls were plagued by multiple problems on Election Day. Some precincts ran out of ballots and others had too few optical scanners to read them.

While the rest of the country was declaring a new president, Broward voters were still waiting in line cast their ballots.

Then, after a week of counting, just when they thought all the votes were in, workers found nearly 1,000 more unscanned ballots that had to be added to the final numbers.

Snipes agreed Friday to consider some suggestions by the others on the board to make future elections run more smoothly.

One of the potential changes is distributing more equipment and personnel to the larger precincts to avoid lines.

Snipes is also considering letting employees work in shifts to avoid mistakes that could result from fatigue.

As Broward prepares to send its final numbers to Tallahassee, elections officials hopes to get something back before the next big vote in two years.

"I'd like the governor and legislature to give us some latitude on the selection of early voting sites. I'd like for us to have a ballot that has not as many constitutional amendments... at the same length that we had this time," said Snipes.

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