Broward students go back to school

Excited kids, Boo Hoo Breakfast, new schools superintendent begin new school year in Broward

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Before sunrise on Monday, bus drivers were heading out of the bus depot on the way to pick up 88,000 students in Broward county who take the bus to school every day.

There to oversee the first day of school, was Broward District Schools Superintendant Robert Runcie and he was excited about the additional funds he has this year in his $2 billion budget.

"We have hired over 650 additional teachers above and beyond what our enrollment trends are," Runcie told Local 10's Todd Tongen. "We also hired roughly an additional 150 teachers for our specials -- our art and music, media specialists, physical education teachers. So it is absolutely going to help us do a better job in meeting our class size requirements."

After sun up the cavalcade of parents and students began.

"It just feels good to have the kids going back to school. I am excited," said Shandora Shine.

At times it was tough to figure out who was more excited, the parents or the kids.

"I am ready to learn. I am ready to learn too," said Kimora and Shania.

At Hollywood Hills Elementary School, they have a "Boo Hoo Breakfast" for the parents of students starting kindergarten. We did see a few tears, but only on the parents.

"There are maybe some people who might have their first child or only child coming to school for the first time and they are kind of sad to see them go away for the whole day," said Hollywood Hills Elementary P.T.A. President Louise Gonzales-Ruiz.

"He has been with us all day, you know, since he was a kid, always at home, always with us. All of the sudden, it is an empty house," said Hannah Vinas as she dropped her son off for his first day of kindergarten.

The principal at Hollywood Hills Elementary says the chaos and confusion of the first day of school can easily be avoided.

"It is not difficult for us because we have a we have a "meet the teachers" event that we held last week," said Vera Roberts. "Students know where to go and parents know where to go. You put systems and procedures in place and it is a very smooth day and very exciting. It is my favorite day."

And so the excitement and glow of the first day of school is alive and well in Broward County.

"I like reading and I like to play with puzzles," said Kimora.

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