BSO conducts school shooting drill

Students learn safety during school shooting drill

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - The Broward County Sheriff's Office SWAT team was at Pompano Beach High School Friday, testing their response skills in the event of a real school shooting.
"It gives us the ability to come out here, use a large property and face a real world situation," said BSO Capt. Eddie Grant.

BSO ran a dress rehearsal of sorts, complete with student volunteers - some acting as shooters, other covered in fake wounds.

The SWAT team, road patrol and fire rescue all teamed up for this active shooter training. Even the bomb squad attended.

"Because of the recent events and also with Columbine they did have explosives within the school, so we're putting everything in play today to test every level that the sheriff's office has," Grant said.

The hard truth that an event like this can happen anywhere isn't lost on the teen volunteers.

"You never know if it will happen and the person you thought was your friend or happy could come and do that," said one student.

"Death seems like its all around," said another volunteer. "It's not something you should put in the back of your mind. You have to take into account these are people who lost their lives."

"No one wants to see these types of scenes play out in real life, but actually creating these life-like scenarios will help law enforcement do their jobs well," Grant said. "Our ultimate goal is to save lives."

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