'Burn Notice' to continue filming in Miami

Production company will knock down EXPO Center after season

MIAMI - "Burn Notice" will continue to film in Miami for at least another year, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff said Thursday.

Sarnoff met with the show's executive producer Terry Miller and agreed to extend the show's lease at the Coconut Grove EXPO Center for another year. The City of Miami Commission must approve the lease agreement by a simple majority.

Pending approval from the show's production company, TVM Productions Inc., it will pay for the demolition of the EXPO Center once filming is finished.

"The concessions were well received, and they balanced our stated desire to keep Burn Notice filming in Miami while also advancing the plans to build the park that has long been promised to the citizens of Miami," Sarnoff said.

It has been five years since city and local civic leaders agreed on a master plan to reclaim the waterfront and build a public park where the dilapidated EXPO Center now stands. During that period, the City of Miami agreed to delay implementation of the master plan and entered into favorable lease terms with Burn Notice in an effort to foster film and television production in Miami.

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