Businesses try car wraps

Some say the car billboards can boost business

DAVIE, Fla. - Getting noticed is the name of the game in today's marketplace.  Some firms are using vehicle wraps, but not the music kind.  The kind that advertises your services out on the road.

Elegant Windows and Decor is a mobile business. 

Owner Mark Block closed his showroom two years ago, collected his samples, and hit the road in this van.

"It's kind of like driving a billboard," said Block. 

The vehicle wrap, an eye-catching combination of information and images cost Block $3-thousand. 

"I would say that within the first three weeks that I had this wrap it paid for itself."

Robert Culp of CarWrap Solutions has been designing vehicle wraps for 15 years. 

He did Elegant Windows, and is now doing one for Davie Pawn and Jewelry.  He wants a design that gets the message across quickly. 

"Sometimes less is better because more actually takes away from your eye," saidCulp, "Your eye only has a few seconds to look at a certain pieces right away."

Davie Pawn wants to catch the attention of drivers on by parking a van out front. 

It's wrap is printed on 54" laminated vinyl sheets then stuck to the front, sides, and back of the van.  It takes about two days. 

"It actually looks exactly what Robert had portrayed on the computer so it's what I was expecting," said Davie Pawn owner Anthony Coppola, "I think it looks great.  I think it will work great for my business."

Meanwhile across town, Block packs up and heads out after another sales call.

He says a more visibility has improved his business by 20%. 

"I'm on the roads and highways for hours during a given day,  I would put it in the thousands, thousands of people see this van,"  Block said.

Van wrap design and installation takes 2 to 3 weeks and costs around $2500.

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