Carjackers crash; Witness shot

3 steal car, crash outside Burger King in Miami Gardens

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - A witness exchanged gunfire with three carjackers, who then crashed into another car outside of a Burger King in Miami Gardens.

The crash happened at Northwest 187th Street and 2nd Avenue about 2:20 p.m. Wednesday.

"We had a young lady in the area of the post office which is 186th, 187th and Northwest 2nd Avenue," said Bill Bamford with Miami Gardens Police. "This young woman was getting out of her car when she was approached by three black males who steal her car in a carjacking."

According to police, an armed witness saw the carjacking and began following the carjackers. They then exchanged gunfire on Northwest 2nd Avenue.

"There's an exchange of gunfire," said Bamford. "The guy was trying to thwart this crime. He tried to help protect an innocent woman."

"They were shooting. They were shot in real bullets. I thought they were firecrackers," said a tourist from South Carolina. "I was caught up in it."

The witness was shot and drove himself to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he was in surgery.

The carjackers turned onto Northwest 187th Street, where they crashed into the tourist from South Carolina, who was driving a gray Pontiac G6.

"I said, 'Jesus, Lord help me,'" said the tourist. "I don't know. I should have been home in South Carolina. That's where I should be -- where it's quiet. We don't have all this action around here like this."

Police are still searching for the carjackers, who ran into the neighborhood after the crash.

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