Caught on Camera: Repeat restaurant burglars

Crooks target North Miami Beach restaurant 3 times

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Burglars were caught on camera breaking into a North Miami Beach restaurant for a third time.

"It's infuriating," said Zev Young, owner of Chai Wok restaurant. "They're destroying people's lives. It's unbelievable."

Two days ago, cameras caught a man with a crowbar trying to muscle his way in the back door. It's a scene the same cameras caught just a month before; and again just two weeks before that.

The first time, computer monitors were crushed.

'They broke in and smashed my computer monitors," said Young.

The second time, a 60-inch TV was taken, plus hundreds of dollars worth of charitable donations.

"They stole about ten charity boxes," Young said.

The third time, they couldn't quite get in.

"New locks, bars, unable to get in," Young said.

But every time has cost the restaurant money.

"We're spending money on security. They're breaking things. It's too much for us," said Young.

Now, the owners are waiting for some much needed some help from the public. In the meantime, they're managing to stay open.

"They're not going to run me off. No, absolutely not," Young said. "Hopefully, justice will be served."

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