Challenger sues commissioner over terms

Richard Dunn files lawsuit against Michelle Spence-Jones

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MIAMI - A former City of Miami commissioner who is running again is trying to get a judge to kick his opponent off the November ballot.

Richard Dunn is running against Michelle Spence-Jones, who was suspended for 17 months soon after she was elected to her second term.

The charges against her were dropped and Spence-Jones returned to the commission while receiving back pay and attorney's fees from the city.

Dunn said her bid for reelection violates the city charter.

"It's not a personality conflict. There's no anger here. It's simply what is it saying in the charter, what's the principle of the city charter," said Dunn.

Dunn is asking a judge to disqualify Spence-Jones. She said she's entitled to run, according to a legal opinion from the Miami city attorney.

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