Charlie Crist announces support for President Barack Obama

Crist says GOP has gone too far right

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PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. - Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said he's supporting President Barack Obama.

In an opinion piece for the Tampa Bay Times, Crist wrote why he believes Obama is the best choice.

"I applaud and share his vision of a future built by a strong and confident middle class in an economy that gives us the opportunity to reap prosperity through hard work and personal responsibility. It is a vision of the future proven right by our history," Crist wrote.

Crist cited Obama's investment in schools and infrastructure as reasons he was supporting the President.

Crist also called out Republican politicians for moving too far to the right.

"But an element of their party has pitched so far to the extreme right on issues important to women, immigrants, seniors and students that they've proven incapable of governing for the people. Look no further than the inclusion of the Akin amendment in the Republican Party platform, which bans abortion, even for rape victims," wrote Crist.

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