Chicken Dispute Continues With Rock-Throwing Video

Neighbors Accuse Chicken Owners Of Harassment

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - New video has surfaced of children on the property owned by Steve and Renee Kohn throwing rocks and debris into the yard of their next-door neighbor.

The video clips obtained by Local 10 show the children, who are believed to be the Kohns'.

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The Kohns' neighbors, Grant and Sandra Einhorn, said they are being taunted and harassed since filing a lawsuit against the Kohns, and they have several videos to back up their claims.

A spokesman for the Department of Children and Families said it is interested in looking at the footage, especially video of what appears to be children, wearing all black, parading back and forth in front of the Einhorn house.

"We don't leave home without a camera rolling," said Sandra Einhorn.

The Einhorns said the harassment and taunting began when they filed a civil suit asking a judge to order their neighbors, the Kohns, to remove their noisy pet chickens. The Kohns have 12 pet chickens living in their back yard in residential Emerald Hills.

The Einhorns said the chickens make noise at all hours of the day and night and smell.

In the video clips, Renee Kohn is clearly seen coming on to the Einhorn property and jumping on to the back of their car. In another clip, two children dressed in all black ring the Einhorns' door bell and run next door. Seconds later, those kids are pacing back and forth on the sidewalk and spraying themselves with an aerosol can.

There are videos of Renee Kohn peeking over the fence and of the Kohns' children throwing rocks onto the Einhorn property.

There is also a video of Renee Kohn following the Einhorns as they walk to a friend's house. In the video, Renee Kohn is ridiculing and taunting the Einhorns about their clothing and the way they live.

Renee Kohn is heard on video saying, "Sandra, Jewish women don't show their arms and they don't drive on Yom Kippur. And Grant, Jewish men don't wear jeans on Yom Tov."

Renee Kohn has been issued a trespass warning, but not just at the Einhorn house. She was also issued a trespass warning at the home of Emerald Hills homeowners association President Lenora Chuchla.

Chuchla is planning to testify against the Kohns in the upcoming civil trial over the chickens. According to a police report, Renee Kohn showed up in the driveway unexpectedly, and someone in Kohns' van warned Chuchla not to testify in the upcoming trial. The report said Renee Kohn then backed her van into a car in the driveway.

"We intend to prove what the Kohns are doing amounts to witness tampering," said Keith Silverstein, the attorney for the Einhorns.

Steve Kohn painted a different picture, saying it's the Einhorns who provoke.

"I don't tell anyone else how to live, but these bigoted neighbors have the nerve to think they have the right to tell me how I should landscape, what kind of pets I should keep, how my family should dress, how I should celebrate my holidays. They should all go to hell," he said.

"They have no evidence for any of the accusations they have made, and we have mountains and mountains of evidence," said Sandra Einhorn.

Last month, Hollywood police seized cellphones, computers and documents from the Kohn house. Sources said they are looking into whether the Kohn family is cyber-stalking neighbors.

Hollywood police have asked the Einhorns to document the incidents and say their investigation into the cyber-stalking allegations continues.

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