Chicken Owners Offer Free Fowl On Craigslist

Kohns 'Heart-Warmed' By Response To Situation

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - The family at the center of a chicken fight in Hollywood was ordered Monday to give up its backyard birds and offered the animals for free to a good home on Craigslist.

A judge issued an injunction ordering the Kohn family to get rid of their chickens and ducks within 10 days.

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"The Kohns' keeping of chickens, ducks and/or goats violates their neighbors' right to enjoy their own respective homes and back yards," the injunction said.

The battle has been going on for months. The Kohns' neighbors, the Einhorns, filed a lawsuit asking that the chickens be taken away, claiming their noise often woke them up and saying the birds had a bad smell that drifted into their own yard.

The two families have been going back and forth with allegations of harassment, as well.

The Kohn family posted a Craigslist ad Tuesday, offering the chickens and ducks for free. The family deleted the ad after an hour because they received so many responses from people interested in adopting the animals and also from people who agree with what the Kohns are doing.

"We've been heart-warmed," said Steve Kohn. "We must have had a couple of dozen people stop by the house or call to show their support and express their upsetness and disgust at the ruling or the situation in general. It really has just been very heartwarming."

Kohn said he plans to appeal the case.

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