Chris Bosh makes care packages for soldiers

Team Tomorrow, America's Moms for Soldier distribute holiday care packages for US troops

MIAMI - Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh and his charity are preparing holiday care packages for U.S. soldiers serving overseas.

About 68,000 soldiers are deployed across the globe, and Bosh's foundation Team Tomorrow joined with America's Moms for Soldiers to distribute the care packages.

"We still have plenty of soldiers over there. They're not coming home anytime soon and they still don't get mail from home and that's where we step in," said Lauren Ackreman with America's Moms for Soldiers.

America's Moms for Soldiers was formed by two mothers.

"This is one of the things that hit home for us since we both got family that are actually in Afghanistan," said Chris Bosh.

Both Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne have cousins serving in the military.

"I know how happy he is when he gets a care package, so we wanted to take that and expand it and provide that joy and excitement for multiple people that are serving," said Adrienne Bosh.

The organizations teamed up to provide the care packages for Veterans Day and the holiday season.

"Not only are they over there fighting and worrying, being the real heroes, the real champions, they are taken away from their comfort," said Adrienne Bosh.

"If they can put their lives on the line daily, and I just play basketball and hang out, it's not that much pressure," said Chris Bosh.

The items inside the care packages were selected by the Bosh family with a little bit of guidance from America's Moms for Soldiers.

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