Cold weather draws mixed reviews

Weekend temperatures have been coldest so far this season

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - For Floridians both native and new, there's nothing quite like a sudden dip in temperature.

People finishing last-minute Christmas shopping Saturday told Local 10's Christina Vazquez it's a rare treat in a tropical setting, especially with the holiday just days away.

"It gets you in the mood. Gets you in the spirit of Christmas, for sure," said one woman.

Vazquez asked one shopper at the Super Target in Coral Springs, "About how many times a year can you really wear a scarf?"

"About once or twice," the woman said with a giggle.

Temperatures have been the coldest so far this season, setting a festive mood for families scrambling to finish their Christmas lists.

"Being able to dress up in jeans and long sleeves while you're Christmas shopping is definitely different, something we're not used to," said one shopper.

But some people indicated they'd welcome back the South Florida heat.

"It's nice, as long as it doesn't stay this way for more than two days," said one woman. "Yes, really. We like the warm weather. That's why we live in Florida."

"I find that absolutely crazy," said one man. "I wish we could have it at least three months out of the year just like this, every day. Not any colder, just perfect."

Local 10 Meteorologist Michael Smith said temperatures by Christmas are expected to be back to near 80 degrees, which is slightly above normal for this time of the year. A weaker cold front is expected to move through on Wednesday. But temperatures will not be nearly as cold, with lows forecast to be in the low to mid 60s and highs in the mid to upper 70s.

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