Commission votes to prohibit dogs on rooftops

Violators face $500 fine

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Here is a enlarged photo of the dog that is being kept on the industrial roof in Miami and was reported to us by a supporter of 100+! The poor dog is sitting next to a brown and white dog kennel which is right under the cloud of steam.

MIAMI - The Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners Tuesday passed an ordinance that prohibits the keeping of dogs on rooftops.

The commission voted unanimously to penalize violators with a $500 fine.

Commissioner José "Pepe" Díaz sponsored the ordinance in response to the community outcry over Burro. The dog came into the limelight in late July of 2012 after being kept by its owners on the rooftop of a business warehouse. Burro was placed on the rooftop for security purposes, but some community members said it was animal cruelty to force the dog to endure the scorching heat of the South Florida summer.

It was previously lawful to have a dog on a rooftop as long as it had water, food and shelter. According to Commissioner Díaz, the new ordinance makes it unlawful to house, maintain, keep, or otherwise have a dog on the rooftop of any building, as per Section 5-21.1 of the Code of Miami-Dade County.

Dogs are allowed to temporarily accompany a responsible party on the rooftop, Díaz said.

"The safety of our residents and all animals in Miami-Dade County is a concern and priority for my colleagues and me, at the Board of County Commissioners," said Díaz. "We hope that the general public understands the importance of adhering to this and other ordinances pertaining to the safety and care of animals in our community, especially those preventing animal cruelty."

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