Construction starts new boardwalk

Miami Beach to extend boardwalk from 45th Street to 47th over 3 weeks

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Construction began Monday on a new boardwalk in Miami Beach.

This first phase of the $1 million project will be the demolition of the existing wooden boardwalk. In its place will be an environmentally friendly paved beach walk stretching for three blocks from 45th Street to 47th.

It's a path that Abraham Bernstein takes full advantage of.

"It's been quite a nice walk for us," said Bernstein. "We've been on the boardwalk nearly every other day and it's good to have that."

Eventually, he and other beachgoers will be able to stroll along concrete pavers surrounded by new landscaping, irrigation, and LED lights. It's the latest phase of a project to meet environmental upgrade mandates along the wooden boardwalk from 23rd Street to 47th.


The City of Miami Beach says all the work will be done in phases to minimize the impact on resident.

"I think it's horrible," said Hassan Ansari with Miami Beach.

Ansari was upset after hearing rumors that area hotels and developers were behind the project.

"It's bad. They shouldn't do it," said Ansari. "I like the way it naturally is."

Currently, there are walkways along South Pointe Park between 5th Street and 45th Street and again from 63rd Street to 79th Street.

The construction should last three months. The new boardwalk will be installed by February 2013.

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