Cop shoots at fleeing thieves in Target parking lot

Officer fired shots when he felt threatened, authorities say

MIRAMAR, Fla. - A police officer fired gun shots at shoplifting suspects near a Miramar Target when he felt they were going to run him over, according to authorities.

It happened Wednesday night near the store located on Miramar Parkway and 163rd Avenue.

Miramar police said three suspects were in custody and the search for a fourth person would continue.

Officers said they arrived at the scene and found the suspects trying to leave the area in a car with two TVs taken from the Target.

Police said they stopped the suspects, who took off when an officer approached the car. One person reportedly exited the car before the others circled around the lot in the car and headed straight for the officer.

According to police, the officer felt his life was threatened. That's why he pulled out his weapon and shot at the suspects. 

No one was hit by the gunfire, authorities said.

The suspects then ran away on foot and the abandoned car hit a tree and possibly a parked car.

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