Credit card skimmer found on Publix ATM

Plastic device steals credit card information

SEA RANCH LAKES, Fla. - Police were looking for a man caught on surveillance cameras installing a credit card skimmer on an ATM at a Publix in Sea Ranch Lakes.

The plastic device steals credit card information and is installed over the card reader.

"As you slide your card through what you believe is the ATM slot, this piece picks up your information prior the machine itself getting it," said Bill Cook with Sea Ranch Lakes police.

The skimmer found on the ATM was custom molded and had its own power source and a mini computer to read the cards. Police said it's was probably not the first time it had been placed here.

Soniel Dulcio works at the Publix along A1A and said he fell victim to the scammer. He told Local 10's Roger Lohse his bank called him three weeks ago to say someone was trying to use his debit card to book hotel rooms in the Bahamas.

"When I found out they were doing that, I was so shocked. I was like, 'No wonder my ATM card was messed up,'" said Dulcio.

The man was seen retrofitting the ATM about 2 p.m. Monday. The scam didn't last long. Less than two hours later, there was a glitch in the system.

"One of the customers was trying to use it and she couldn't get her card into the machine. One of the store managers came out and tried to clear up the problem and the skimming device actually came off in her hand," said Cook.

There were at least two other incidents in the area over the holiday weekend. A spokeswoman for Publix said it has been going on at different locations for about a month and that managers have since been trained to frequently check the machines.

Police suggest customers who used that particular ATM over the weekend to check with their bank about any illegal activity on their card. They advise checking the card reader before using an ATM.

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