Crews began clearing site for Gratigny Plateau Park

MIAMI - A project spearheaded by Local 10 to convert a neglected park into a playground for neighborhood children is finally coming to fruition.

In April 2012, Local 10 endeavored to build Gratigny Plateau Park and brought Miller Construction and EDSA on board.

On Friday, Miller Construction began clearing the site in preparation for its rebirth.

"We finally got the okay to start," said Marc Plancarte with Miller Construction. "We're clearing and grubbing the site. That means we're getting rid of all the existing vegetation that's on the property."

SPECIAL SECTION: Gratigny Plateau Park

"Everyone's talking about it, how we're going to have a new park cause kids just play in the street, but it's not our fault because we have no place to play," said Shakira Joseph.

"Long time needed, especially for this area," added Gina Joseph.

"It's the best idea that's happened to this neighborhood," said Steven Pascal.

"You're going to start to see that this will become a community," said Miami-Dade Parks Director Jack Kardys. "This will become the rallying point the gathering point, the socialization point for this community. That's the beauty of parks."

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