Brave twin boys beat up carjacker with their new toy snake, save little brother

San Antonio police are looking for a man in a 2005 brown Nissan Altima

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Seven -year-old twins Luis and Lucius were armed with a toy snake.

On Wednesday, Luis asked his mom Lucia Lozada for the plastic toy. She did not want to buy it for them at first, but the boys convinced her. And she was glad they did. 

"I guess God knew that he was going to use it [the toy snake] today," she told a KSAT reporter.

The Lozada family was getting ready to go to church Thursday afternoon when a man got in the driver's seat of the family's brown 2005 Nissan Altima.

The man saw the opportunity, after Lozada left the keys in the ignition. She rushed back inside the house to get a baby bottle for their 1-year-old brother Gabriel, who was also in the car. And when she walked out, the car and her three children were gone.

As the man drove away from their house, Luis used the toy to hit him. Lucius kicked him. When the man had enough of the brave little fighters, he dropped them off. He even allowed one of them to keep an iPad.

"I thank God the man wasn't mean," Lozada told the San Antonio Express-News. "He had enough heart to let the kids off and not hurt them."

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told the Local 10 News affiliate that they were close to catching the man in his 30s.

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