Dynamic Family Martial Arts owner accused of repeatedly throwing boy on floor

Victim suffered bruising to forearm, knee

By Amanda Batchelor - Senior Digital Editor, Terrell Forney - Reporter, Christian De La Rosa - Reporter

DAVIE, Fla. - The owner of Dynamic Family Martial Arts in Davie walked out of jail Wednesday night as he faced a child abuse charge over an incident at his business last week.

According to an arrest report, Richard Hartman, 65, became enraged Jan. 3 after an 8-year-old boy punched a wall in frustration for losing a game.

Police said the business was acting as a day care camp that day for children who were out of school on winter break.

"We're told that this young man had been playing a game, lost the game, got frustrated and upset, and apparently punched a hole in the wall," Davie police Sgt. Mark Leone said.  

After the boy punched the wall, Hartman grabbed the boy and threw him to the floor, the arrest report stated.

Police said he then picked up the boy, dragged him into his office and violently threw him into a chair.

At that point, the boy began to cry and another child began to record the incident on his cellphone, authorities said.

Hartman can be heard in the video screaming at the child, "Stop that crying!" as he is seen shaking the boy.

The boy, who was recording the incident, was afraid that Hartman was going to see him, so he put his phone down after that point, detectives said.

Police said Hartman snatched the victim from the chair and threw him to the floor a few more times before allowing the boy to go back with the other children. 

Photos taken after the incident show bruising to the boy's forearm and knee. 

"It is disturbing," Leone said. "Especially with young children, you have to have, you know, a little more of a calm demeanor."

Police said Hartman invoked his Miranda rights and declined to speak with a detective. He was arrested at his home Wednesday and taken to the Broward County jail. 

Hartman's neighbors said they were shocked at the news of his arrest.

"I'm just pretty surprised because he seemed like a really nice guy," Shawn Downs said. "He just seemed like, especially with kids, because there's always kids there. It's like a kid's karate place." 

Anyone who has children who have attended any function at Dynamic Family Martial Arts and who may have had a similar incident occur is asked to call the Davie Police Department at 954-693-8200.

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