Man pays 'psychic' $147K to get rid of evil spirits, police say

Woman claiming to be powerful psychic is arrested for defrauding believer

By Andrea Torres - Digital Reporter/Producer

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. - All a man wanted was to be at peace. He said he paid a psychic $147,000 to manipulate his "chakras" to get rid of eight evil spirits. 

After a $5,000 session, he believed Sally "Kim" Wando, 49, from the Village Psychic office at Galloway Township in New Jersey could help him, the Press of Atlantic City reported

When the 14-step program didn't work, the man reported the fraud to the Galloway Township Police Department. A detective said she "exploited information" about his "unpleasant childhood" and "predicted further torment in this life and the afterlife."

Wando instructed the man to transfer the money to her son Frank Marco's account. Marco, 24, ran Classic Carz, a car dealership in Ventnor. Wando and Marco told police officers the man was buying a car and the money had nothing to do with the Village Psychic office. 

Galloway Township Police Department officers arrested the two Thursday on second-degree theft by deception and third-degree conspiracy to commit theft charges. 

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