Man, woman arrested after snatching dog from owner's arms, police say

Dog named Enzo is reunited with owner

By Peter Burke - Managing Editor

Corey Edgerton and Takeisha Gary were arrested in connection with a puppy snatching in Fort Lauderdale.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A man and a woman were arrested after they snatched a puppy named Enzo from his owner's arms last week in Fort Lauderdale, police said.

Fort Lauderdale police said Corey Edgerton, 28, was arrested Tuesday and Takeisha Gary, 20, was arrested Wednesday. They both face charges of strong-arm robbery.

The dog snatching was reported last Thursday in the 400 block of Northwest First Avenue.

While walking her dog, a woman was approached by the suspects who asked if they could have the pet.

After the woman said "no," the suspects grabbed the dog from her arms and fled the scene.

Police said the puppy was later found wandering alone in the city and was taken to an animal hospital, where someone recognized the dog from news reports of the incident.

Enzo, the puppy, was not harmed and has been reunited with the owner.

Local 10 News' Melissa Alonso contributed to this report. 

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