'Maniac Trump supporter' Cesar Sayoc once tossed urine on 2 women

Hollywood police report details alleged incident involving familiar white van

By Peter Burke - Local10.com Managing Editor

Cesar Sayoc tossed urine on two women riding a moped along Pembroke Road in March, according to a Hollywood police report. The women claim he was driving his familiar white van.

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Months before his arrest in connection with the mailing of pipe bombs to several prominent Democrats and opponents of President Donald Trump, Cesar Sayoc tossed a cup of urine on two women in South Florida, according to a newly obtained police report.

The incident happened March 16 while Indiana Parra and her passenger, Rimbow Gomez, were riding a moped along Pembroke Road.

According to the Hollywood police report, the women were headed east when someone in a white Dodge van covered with Trump stickers "began to harass the victims as they were driving, and an argument ensued."

By the time they got to the 5500 block of Pembroke Road, the women said the driver of the van "threw a cup of urine on them." They said they knew it was urine because of the smell.

The women told police they made a U-turn in an attempt to get away from the man, but he followed them. They said he pulled the van alongside their moped and intentionally swerved it at them, trying to make them crash.

They then pulled into a warehouse parking lot, the van kept going and they called police.

"A maniac Trump supporter threw piss (urine) on us," the police report noted the women as saying.

That man turned out to be Sayoc, who was arrested Oct. 26 on federal charges in connection with the pipe bombs.

Sayoc was apprehended at an AutoZone in Plantation. That same van was in the parking lot.

The police report from the March incident also mentions that the windows were covered with pro-Trump stickers.

Although police had a license plate number that showed Sayoc was the owner of the van, he was not arrested because the alleged incident happened outside of Hollywood's jurisdiction.

The women said they waited for police to arrive, but nobody came, so they went to the nearby Hollywood Police Department to report what they claimed happened to them. They were given case numbers and advised to contact either the Broward Sheriff's Office or Miramar police.

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