New Hampshire woman accused of baking roommate's pet ferret in oven

Ivana Clifford, 26, tells police she did it because roommate stole her clothes

By Associated Press, Peter Burke - Managing Editor

Police say Ivana Clifford, 26, of Manchester, New Hampshire, killed her roommate's pet ferret when she stuck the animal in the oven.

MANCHESTER, N.H. - A New Hampshire woman is accused of burning her roommate's pet ferret to death by placing the animal in a hot oven.

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, said Ivana Clifford told investigators that she did it because her roommate stole her clothes. Police also said the 26-year-old woman told them she is pregnant and didn't think her roommate should have a ferret because of that.

Officers were called to the apartment early Wednesday after the roommate and the roommate's boyfriend woke up to the noise from the smoke alarm and saw heavy smoke inside the apartment.

Firefighters cleared the building and found the dead ferret in the oven. They said the ferret had "distinct linear burn marks" that were consistent with the shape of the oven coil.

Clifford was arrested and charged with one count of animal cruelty.

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