Suspect in failed Hollywood home invasion hid fatally wounded accomplice's body in car

Douglas Mackey arrested months after homeowner fatally shot Gilbert Stokes

By Peter Burke - Managing Editor

Deputies say Douglas Mackey drove a mortally wounded home-invasion suspect from Hollywood to Lake Worth and then hid the body in a car for several days after the shooting.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A suspect in a Hollywood home invasion was arrested Saturday after he drove a wounded accomplice back to Palm Beach County, never stopping for help, and then hid the man's body in the back seat of a car for several days after he died, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Douglas Mackey faces charges of second-degree murder and home invasion with a firearm.

According to a PBSO arrest report, Mackey traveled from Lake Worth to Hollywood with Gilbert Stokes and another man in February to commit a home-invasion robbery at 2822 Madison St.

Detectives said Mackey acted as the getaway driver as Stokes and the other man entered the home. They ran out a few minutes later after Stokes was shot in the back by the homeowner.

Mackey drove north back to Lake Worth, but Stokes died along the way, deputies said.

Once they realized Stokes was dead, Mackey and the other man moved the body into the back seat of a Chevrolet that was parked outside Mackey's house for a few days, detectives said.

Mackey eventually enlisted the help of a friend to drive his car while Mackey drove the Chevrolet to Lake Park, where deputies later found it and the body, detectives said.

Investigators used cellphone records to determine that Mackey and Stokes were traveling together from Lake Worth to Broward County and back again.

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