Crook steals register from Mayor's Cafe in Pembroke Pines

Mayor Frank Ortis one of the restaurant's owners

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - Cameras catch a bold bandit making off with the cash register from a restaurant owned by a South Florida mayor.

The restaurant is the Mayor's Cafe. One of the owners is the mayor of Pembroke Pines, Frank Ortis.

Several surveillance cameras were rolling when the thief broke in, and now officials are using that video to track him down.

The video shows around 4 a.m. Sunday a brick crashed through the front door, and soon after the burglar who knew exactly what he wanted.

"He took a couple of cash registers and went out the same way he came in, through the hole in the door," said Mayor Ortis.

Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis didn't hesitate to call Local 10 when he realized his surveillance cameras captured the crime.

The crook, who was wearing a hoodie, ran straight to the front counter and grabbed the small register. He yanked the cord out of the wall, then picked up the big register and before you knew it, he was gone. In and out in less than a minute.

Ortis' partner says the guy only got away with about $300 in cash, but caused ten times that in damage to the business.

"Probably about $3,000 in total between the equipment, replacement of the glass and the cash in the register," said cafe owner Lewis Nadel.

The Mayor's Cafe has been open about five months It's a popular place that everybody knows it's owned by Ortis, the city's long time leader.

Apparently this brazen burglar doesn't follow local politics.

"It's frustrating and it says that there are no boundaries, it could happen to anybody, it happened to us this morning. Material stuff, nobody was hurt, that's the most important thing," said Ortis.

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