Cuban-American art exchange held in Key West

KEY WEST, Fla. - For the first time in 50 years, leading Cuban artists are debuting their work in Key West, introducing nearly 120 pieces of work at five locations.

The art exchange will include pop-art-inspired sculptures that were displayed in Ernest Hemingway's home. Hemingway had close ties to both Cuba and Key West

"The cultural connection between Key West and Cuba goes back 150 years, and the work of Mario Sanchez and the work of these artists is all about that connection that we had," said Nance Frank, organizer and event manager for the exchange.

The events begin Saturday night, with a large-scale sculpture called "The Bridge" that viewers can walk across. The sculpture represents the Florida Straits crossing from Havana to the Florida Keys and Florida mainland.

"When people look at my work … I think they should think about all the people who died crossing this sea," said Sandra Ramos, "The Bridge" creator. "But at the same time, of the new times and the new perspective that we could have, joined and not separated."

Most of the art will remain on display in Key West through mid-March.

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