Daisy, Rescued Then Returned To Pound

My name is Reyka, a/k/a Daisy and I'm a two year old Sharpei/Hound Mix.

I'm sort of on the medium side, 45 pounds at the most.

I am very well-mannered (in other words, I don't beg or jump on people), I am housebroken, I am spayed, I have all of my shots and a license thru July 2012, plus I love kids and adore men (not too sure about other dogs or cats, I haven't tried that yet)...Oh, and I come with a microchip.

What more could you ask for?

I come fully equipped to be your forever friend and watchdog and I promise you, if you could find it in your heart to give me a forever home I will never leave you.

I've been neglected by humans, left to roam the streets to fend for myself when a human found me and saved me. I got a taste of the good life for two weeks but one of little humans had allergies and I am back in a kennel now, confused and scared and I really want to be someone's best friend.

I am gentle with food and love to be petted - I will not speak unless spoken to, that I have proven, and I am free to a good home.

If you're interested in keeping me, even if you just want to foster me until the human who is caring for me finds a forever home please call Karen at 954-336-4043 or email her at kakleber227@gmail.com .

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